Maintain essential medicines in the market: a duty

Marketing discontinuation, stock shortage … some essential medicine, even when frequently used, are becoming increasingly difficult to find. The therapeutic arsenal of doctors tends to become poorer at the expense of patients.

Health authorities have taken up the cause to fight against supply disruptions of drugs which are of major therapeutic interest (MITM). Maintaining these medicine on the market is our priority.

Many laboratories encounter industrial difficulties and can no longer ensure the sustainability of certain drugs on the market.

Delbert Pharma has chosen to focus on these few “pharmaceutical specialties to be “revived” in order to avoid their short-term disappearance from the arsenal of medicines.

Aware of the importance of these treatments for patients, Delbert Pharma is working to keep them on the market. Each year,  Delbert Pharma acquires specialities whose future is compromised. With its collaborators and the support of clinical, pre-clinical, galenician, quality specialist and chemists, Delbert Pharma is giving a new life to these drugs and make them available to patients.

In this context, Delbert Pharma focuses its efforts on finding suppliers of active substances, and on the transfer of production know-how within sites mainly located in Europe.
Today, Delbert Pharma has a portfolio of essential products that are anchored in well-defined therapeutic areas.

In order to make these drugs available to the largest number of patients, Delbert Pharma creates partnerships with European and international companies for the registration or reactivation of these drugs of therapeutic interest in the areas from which they disappeared.