A know-how and competencies

As an independent pharmaceutical company, our strategy is mainly based on mature products with high medical values.

Our expertise is used to acquire and maintain products that have stood the test of time while continuing to meet an important medical need.

With the benefit of their extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Delbert Pharma has built a multidisciplinary team eager to put their skills at the service of patients. Experts in the health field, Delbert Pharma has an expertise in regulatory affairs, quality assurance as well as in the scientific, medical and legal fields.

History of an independent French laboratory

Delbert Pharma has built up pays particular attention to the choice of their partners in order to create a solid network and offer a flexible and scalable structure.

To this end, the company carries out different activities:

  • Holding and using their own marketing authorizations
  • The supply of various pharmaceutical and regulatory services for laboratories wishing to develop their activity on the French market,
  • Operating AMM on behalf of third parties
  • Licensing at international level

Our drugs are developed and manufactured to meet the highest standards. Marketing the best quality products is at the heart of our concerns. This is why we mainly select our partners on European production sites. The quality of these sites is based on GMP (good manufacturing practices), the European Pharmacopoeia, as well as on environmental requirements.
DELBERT PHARMA thus offers medicine in various fields such as oncology, infectious diseases, psychiatry and neurology.