Our interactions with all stakeholders must be transparent and reflect the high standards we uphold.
In application of the provisions relating to the transparency of links between industries and healthcare professionals, Delbert Pharma publishes data concerning all forms of links of interest involving the categories of persons listed by law, as well as information concerning agreements concluded with these same persons.
To consult all this data since 2012, go to:


By choosing production and logistics partners who are sensitive to environmental issues,  Delbert Pharma actively supports initiatives in favour of social and environmental responsibility (SER).

In France, Delbert Pharma is a member of the Cyclamed association, which collects and recycles unused, expired and unused medicines returned by patients to pharmacies. Through its actions, Cyclamed secures the disposal chain for unused medicines and helps to protect the environment and public health.

Delbert Pharma has also chosen to join the Adelphe community to finance the selective collection of its packaging, to develop actions to design more responsible packaging and to raise awareness among consumers/citizens of the need to sort their packaging on a daily basis.


Our mission is to provide medicines that meet the needs of patients and healthcare professionals, to improve the health and quality of life of patients.

Our medicines are developed and manufactured to the highest standards. Every day, employees of Delbert Pharma provide healthcare professionals with relevant information on the proper use of our medicines, with the aim of optimizing patient care.

Our high standards are based on two principles:

  • Legislative and regulatory aspects: the law on reinforcing the safety of medicines and health products, the Public Health Code, Good Manufacturing, Distribution and Pharmacovigilance Practices.
  • Values and rules specific to Delbert Pharma: these are working and interaction principles that are applied by all Delbert Pharma employees and partners in the interests of ethics, transparency and professional conduct.

Our quality commitments are to :

  • scrupulously respect the rules of ethics and transparency.
  • keep our employees regularly informed by ensuring the quality of our communications.
  • develop the individual and collective skills of our employees through a policy of initial, ongoing and appropriate training.
  • provide clear, regulatory-compliant procedures to enable employees to apply them.
  • continuously improve our procedures and processes by involving our employees in order to optimize the quality of our activities.
  • evaluate our service providers’ processes to ensure compliance with our quality requirements.
  • identify non-conformities so that corrective action can be taken quickly.
  • organize management reviews to monitor our quality commitments, define our orientations and adapt the resources to be deployed to achieve them.

We undertake to make public any withdrawal of our certificate and/or operating authorization by the ANSM. [Autorisation d’ouverture].


To report an adverse event occurring while taking one of our products:

Contact us on

Or you can report any adverse reaction suspected of being drug-related, directly on the Ministry of Health’s reporting portal.